digipub Basic

Create simple and quick digital publications from ready PDF files
  • Navigation through the "capture" by the corner sites, using special bookmarks and using the keyboard.
  • Possibility to specify the zoom of publication (50, 75, 100%) and the method of zoom (one or two pages at a time). Full-screen mode.
  • Search keywords based on the database of words that are taken from a PDF content during conversion. In the list of displayed results a note, on which pages of publication can be found with the possibility to "jump" to it.


digipub Professional

Most common license so you can enrich your publication with a number of tools not available in BASIC version
  • Possibility to create active areas by selecting the area you want to be active, or by dragging the appropriate icon) with possibility: go to page of the publication, go to url or e-mail, view animations and audio.
  • Automatic detection of e-mail addresses and URLs in the text of a PDF during conversion.
  • Preview all pages of a publication with possibility to "jump" on the page.


digipub Unlimited

Make your publications "come to life" using the full capabilities of Flash technology
  • The ability to create publications using the pre-prepared PDF files, JPG, GIF, PNG and SWF.
  • Function bleed area removal for documents prepared for printing.
  • Possibility to add individual pages in the form of animation created from previously prepared files in Flash.


Top 10 Express Table Designs - Smashing Magazine Source
Type of license




lifetime license

Number of installations 1 3 5  
Accepted types of files .pdf


Flip page  
Full screen mode  
Quick page preview  
Publication in PDF format for download  
Tell a friend  
Contact form  
Add video, audio, notes, links    
Changing the background
of the publication
Table of contents    
Bleed removing
Adding pages in Flash      

Bothers you scrolling a pdf file with the offer from your Business partner? Do you think your customers have similar feelings.
Perhaps some of them discourages unprofessionally prepared  brochure. 

Do you want that your offer will look similar to a paper version? So we have something for you: DigiPub software! 

Convert your PDF files, swf, jpg, gif and png to the digital publication as an interactive e-book! Impress your customers and attract them with your new offer in an innovative form!  

What can you gain?

    • With an attractive form of presentation you will attract more people to your website, which will increase your sales.
    • Instead of printing catalogs and brochures you can distribute them via Internet, you save time, money and you are eco-friendly.
    • Customer interacting with browsed publication memorize it better, the way of reading and navigation is more natural than in the case of ordinary PDF files.
    • You become a modern and innovative. Rather than post the website link to a PDF file, just like everyone else, you show your offer in a completely different way.
    • Instead of sending an e-mail with multiple PDF attachments, which unnecessarily burden your internet connection, you send only links with your digital publications.




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